Business Partnership Entrance Of IIM


1. The company should have independent legal personality and independent civil liability,which can independently issue legal and valid service bills for users in the industry, and should have sufficient cash flow and have the legal right to operate our company's products.
2. The company should engage in intelligent property management equipment, software platform and other service industries, and should have strong interest in the artificial intelligence security market.
3. The company should have recouces of community property, high-end office buildings, schools etc.

Dealer Support Programs

  • Sales Support

    Provide successful business operation mode, subdivision of industry solutions. Jointly develop key customers and provide necessary pre-sales support.

  • Product Support

    Prioritize new product and customized service support and necessary system integration.

  • Price Support

    Provide price discount and return policy for partners of different types and levels.

  • Market Support

    Assist in planning regional promotion and public relations activities, and open up more market opportunities for partners. Partners with good reputation can participate in the regional industrial exhibitions to. promote company's products.

  • Training Support

    Mature theoretical training system and practical operation training.

  • Regional Protection Policy

    Through strict business opportunity registration protection mechanism, to create a fair market environment for partners.